5 Precision agriculture technologies searched by farmers

Author: 29.09.2017

Inovative solutions and technologies applied in precision agriculture

Today, precision agriculture and technology has become indispensable, especially when it comes to their impact on farms in Romania. Precision farming is the future and progress of farms in Romania. More and more farmers return to the latest technology (GPS monitors and automated systems, sensors, monitoring and control, etc.) to facilitate their work and achieve outstanding results with distributed resources control.

Vantage Company, with knowledge both on the agronomy and the technical area, working closely with Romanian farmers to draw their attention to technological future without which we can not evolve.

Here the technologies and solutions that deliver long-term results that Vantsage specialists suggest specialists to Romanian farmers:

  1. Automated systems and GPS monitors

agricultura de precizie monitoare de ghidare

There is no doubt about precision farming operation with a GPS system. Manual and automatic GPS guidance solutions drew attention to more and more Romanian farmers because they want speed and efficiency in agricultural field work. The benefits of these types of GPS solutions may include reduction in operator fatigue, accuracy in farming operations, reducing production costs, minimizing damage and improving crop production.

   2. Farm management programs

agricultura de precizie connected farm

Once farmers have realized the importance of precision farming practice, the next innovation that drew their attention is the impact of the mobile apps on any farm.

Farm management programs can gather, share and manage information so that you can make the best decisions about your work. These programs and their application gives you the whole process, from collecting information from booths or tablet screens, maps of precision agriculture management and to protect your data. At the same time, you have access to information anywhere and anytime farm.
  1. Monitoring program for fleet and fuel

Macheta Farmtrack

You can easily access the mobile application system to monitor machines from your farm remotely, no matter where you are. You can generate customized reports in real time, which are grouped in tables, containing all the required details.
However, you can set notifications, reminders and other instruments contributing to a complete control over fleet and fuel consumption, but also on operators to ground so successfully practicing precision agriculture.
  1. The relevance of sensor application in precision agriculture

weedseeker and greenseeker

Wireless sensors are proving to be effective in precision agriculture and to gather data on:

  • water availability in the soil;
  • compacting the soil;
  • soil fertility;
  • leaf area index;
  • local weather data, etc.

So, in this way, you can make objective decisions on the quality of fertilizer applied to a crop. On the other hand, more and more farmers are facing increased excess weeds, a situation which hampers agricultural operations and cause them to turn to invest amount of increasingly large chemical weed control.

Innovative systems can help to reduce up to 80% keeping costs under control weeds, reducing the cost of chemicals, reducing working hours and reducing the impact of activities on the environment.

5. Variable Rate Application


Because we added to the list a number of precision farming technologies, Variable Rate Application (VRA) is another technology that has become indispensable to any Romanian farmer. (Variable rate application) is a technology that farmers can apply due to different materials (the most common fertilizers) real-time variable rate. The goal is to standardize the fertility in a physical block. Variable rate application is made on the basis of detailed maps with results obtained from soil sampling.
Unlike standard taking of soil samples, in this case samples are taken with a density of up to 4 times higher. The recommendations for correcting soil acidity (pH) and the fertilizer (phosphorus and potassium) are implemented in the form of digital maps loading computer equipped with specialized equipment. So, it can apply varying amounts of fertilizer.
In conclusion, to manage and control all farm operations with a single click is an important step towards developing farms in Romania. For more information on precision farming you can contact Vantage representatives.

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