5 reasons upgrading an old tractor pays off

Author: 03.08.2018

Enhance the Performance of Older Machines With Precision Ag

There comes a time in every machine’s life when, as reliable as it may be, it is not meeting all of the needs of a farm. Perhaps responsibilities need to change hands or profit margins need to be improved due to market pressure—whatever the reason, a farmer is faced with a decision. Should they retire their old tractor for a new one or enhance their existing machine’s performance by upgrading it with precision ag technology?

While deciding on the right precision agriculture solution can feel overwhelming at first, most farmers find that they achieve a better return by investing in new technology than they would have by investing in a new machine.

5 Reasons Upgrading an Old Machine Pays Off

Every farmer has unique priorities for their farm but there are five common reasons that cause many to consider upgrading their machines with a precision ag.

1 – Minimize waste

By utilizing GPS technology in automated steering, farmers are able to reduce overlap in their fields by improving accuracy in their rows.

2 – Improve efficiency

With the manual intervention of a human driver taken out of the equation, operations are sped up allowing more work in less time.

3 – Increase productivity

When they can rely on automated steering, operators are freed up to multitask in the cab and less likely to experience fatigue.

4 – Achieve desired visual impact

There are few things that make a farmer prouder than straight rows in their fields, guidance technology ensures that the visual impact will be achieved

5 – Empower less-skilled operators

Whether it’s a younger member of the family or a less experienced employee, operators can easily be empowered by guidance technology to successfully perform the most precise of tasks.


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