American company Trimble bought Müller-Elektronik

Author: 06.06.2017

The world leader in GPS solutions, the Trimble American company officially announced the recent purchase of the Müller-Elektronik company, which is specialized in providing innovative solutions for precision agriculture. However, Müller-Elektronik is a company founded in 1977, with the headquarter in Germany – Salzkotten.

Müller-Elektronik is a company with over 375 employees, and the main activity is to manufacture spare parts and OEM solutions for vehicles used in agriculture. Is a pioneer in precision farming, is known more for the development, production and sale of Electronic Control Units (ECUs).


Because over the years many manufacturers have faced many difficulties in installation and mounting multiple screens in each cabin and transfers between tractors, the company Müller-Elektronik with other manufacturers propose a solution. The innovation proposed by Muller and other manufacturers in the industry was to create ISOBUS as the universal standard for electronic communication between implementers, tractors and farm management systems.

By combining the technological solutions from Trimble what gives the Müller company basically allows the development of new solutions and interesting for farmers worldwide, faced often with the issue of integration of software and hardware products with different brands of agricultural equipment. Also, through the company Müller-Elektronik will allow the creation of an ecosystem to help facilitate adoption of precision agriculture solutions for farmers.

American company Trimble offers a new vision of how to work on farms all through products and services that contribute to connect a physical world with the digital world. By using Trimble technology, customers improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability.


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