Vantage debuted at Agriplanta 2016

Author: 05.07.2016

Vantage Balkans was presented at the most important agricultural event in the East – Agriplanta.

At the exhibition in the field Agriplanta Romagrotec 2016 the company has presented complete farm management solutions which will help farmers to achieve increased productivity and efficiency at lower cost – from sowing to harvesting.

Vantage team
Vantage team

Being focused on solving the challenges of each stage of the production cycle of crop, solutions offered by Vantage can transform the process of cultivation. The company’s goals are strategic and refers to the land preparation and soil analysis continuing to monitor the status of culture, guidance of the equipment, weather information analysis and monitoring of the equipments and fuel consumption – by Vantage solutions increase business efficiency and reduce costs.

The products from company’s portfolio presented at Agriplanta 2016 include innovative GPS Trimble solutions, weather stations Pessl and Farmtrack monitoring system of the equipments and fuel, specially developed for the needs of farmers in the region.

Trimble solutions are suitable for any season, culture, land and farms of any size, compatible with any brand because it helps to implement solutions on your machinery and equipments – regardless of manufacturer. GPS guidance systems ensure precision for farming operations, automatic control systems for the equipment that save time and money, and software programs processes and provides valuable information about culture, land and works performed, all of them leading to increased productivity.

Weather stations Pessl under the brand IMETOS® it provides valuable data about crops such as: soil moisture and irrigation management, insects monitoring, patterns of illness, etc. Using data obtained from weather stations can protect crops on time, in the most important phases of growth preventing crop losses. One important benefit of weather stations is that they can assist you in choosing the best time for irrigation, herbicide or fertilizer.

The monitoring system of the equipments and fuel Farmtrack is a tool type web interface, easy to use, designed to monitor and control fleet, works performed and fuel consumption. The system allows you the opportunity of monitoring simultaneous all the equipments and machinery in the fleet, also allows the creation of reports, statistics and notifications related to parcels processed, routes machinery, power or fuel shortages, etc.


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