Vantage – speaker at “Technology Road Show – Precise agriculture” event

Author: 12.06.2017

Precision agriculture, innovation, technology, social, trends – these are some of the words that described the event “Technology Road Show – Precise agriculture”, June 9th – Bucharest.

Vantage specialists are always connected to the latest trends in precision agriculture, that’s why Vantage has participated as a speaker at the conference. With attention to all the innovative systems that can facilitate the work of farmers in Romania, Vantage introduced the two topics of interest to an industry which is in constant development in Romania. Technology challenges and benefits of using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and implementation of GNSS technologies in an integrated service combining soil analysis, VRA maps and crop monitoring program.


Being present at the event as representatives from business, education, research and farmers, it was the perfect place to socialize and access latest news from agriculture industry.

The objective of the event “Technology Road Shows” (TRS) was to raise awareness of farmers, and also of companies about GNSS product by understanding the importance of research in this industry and the potential it can have in business.

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