Vantage – together with farmers also this year at Agriplanta

Author: 26.05.2017

Vantage Balkans was together with farmers in the 2017 edition at one of the most important agricultural event in the East – Agriplanta. Being an exhibition dedicated to field farmers connected to the latest developments in agriculture, Vantage experts met at the event people interested in new technologies on precision agriculture.


Due the perfect environment meeting between farmers and Vantage Balkans specialists presented the functioning of the GPS Trimble, systems and farmers could test and analyze Trimble simulators.. On the other hand, other farmers have shown interest in the Farmtrack,  system and at the same time had the opportunity to see demonstrations of the operation of this system of tracking fleet and monitoring fuel, but also how to save 500 euros with each system installed.


Another area of ​​the Vantage stand was dedicated both to AgroBalance and Geoscan services. The farmers interested in soil and plants sampling have had the opportunity to observe how the digital maps is achieved through the application of variable rates they can practice (VRA).


However, the same trend with technology and testing program was Geoscan. Farmers were curious to see the land in real time through satellite images, all with Vantage specialists attended the event. Weather stations Pessl under the brand IMETOS® Pessl were another point of interest to farmers, who are interested in how to protect their crops depending on the weather data.


During the four days of the event, Vantage specialists answered farmers’s questions and they gave them the necessary information on farm management in the technology trend, output of low costs and tangible benefits.


So, by testing technologies at Vantage stand has been observed that many farmers have realized the advantages of practicing precision farming and realized that without applying the latest technology, it is impossible to be effective.

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