Key Features

  •   View fleet positions overlaid on background imagery
  •   Import boundaries and scouting data
  •   Mapping
  •   Wireless data transfer
  •   Optimize farm management decisions
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Product Information

With Connected Farm technology by Trimble you can manage your farm and the only thing you need is Internet access and a mobile device. You can gather data within the field on-the-go and easily transfer it on your office computer for further analyses. Via your Connected Farm account you can look through, edit and print information, so your decision would be based on real-time figures.

Connected Farm Fleet

  • Vehicle position
  • History of vehicle position and activity
  • ge0-zones and alerts
  • Remote Assistant
  • Fleet Performance and Productivity

Connected Farm Field:

  • Field Operation Maps
  • Field Boundaries and Scouting Maps
  • Mapping
  • Office to Field Data Exchange


About Connected Farm

Connected Farm is an innovative technology by the American company Trimble that helps farmers go beyond precision agriculture to effective decisions on-the-go.

The combination of hardware and software provides the opportunity of real-time monitoring of all activities within the farm via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. In this way farmers are able to manage their farms more effectively boosting the end results.