Key Features

  •   Rugged construction for everyday field use
  •   Intuitive user-interface
  •   8.0” color touchscreen
  •   27 built-in LED lights
  •   Two video camera inputs
  •   One built-in, dual-frequency GPS receiver
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Product Information

Trimble CFX-750 is a multifunctional display for navigation that provides key funcionalities for precision agriculture. This intuitive display give you the opportunity to optimize every-day field operations, to lengthen working hours and increase productivity. CFX-750 can can provide different accuracy levels depending on the position, crop, soil and the shape of the field.

  • Compatible with Trimble  EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot and Autopilot
  • Field-IQ crop input control capabilities, including seed monitoring, 2-product variable rate application control, boom height control, and automatic section control
  • Import field prescriptions for precise VRA control in order to more accurately apply crop inputs
  • Yield Monitoring capabilities for grain crops, including load tracking and auto-cut width
  • Wireless data transfer between the field and farm office with Connected Farm
  • Data analysis and reporting using Farm Works Software


About Trimble

Trimble has turned into a synonym of modern technologies for precision agriculture. Combining the rich experience in the field of GPS tracking and modern precision technologies, Trimble offer high-efficiency solutions leading to excellent results.

Integrating the newest technological achievements into their products, thanks to Trimble farmers are able to easily and effectively manage their farm, cutting back their expenses and improving yield results. GPS navigation systems provide precision and in the same time steering systems save up time and reduce operational costs.

Apart from agriculture, GPS solutions by Trimble are applicable in other fields such as construction, engineering, civil aviation, armed forces, etc. Nowadays, the American company owns more than 100 patents, offices in more than 35 countries and a team of around 3000 people.